Weightlifting and Cardio for Weight Loss

There are so many articles out there asking the question whether a person loses weight faster with weights or cardio. Why does it have to be an either/or question? Why can’t we have fun doing weights and cardio? 

Personally, I enjoy doing weights over cardio, but I make sure to fit cardio in my schedule. I break down my weights by doing chest & back on Monday, legs on Wednesday and biceps/triceps/shoulders on Friday. The days in the schedule can change, but I make sure to do all three weight sessions a week. 

I’ve tried different types of cardio – biking, running, sprinting – but I didn’t really enjoy doing any of those things. Actually, I pulled a muscle sprinting and that knocked me out of exercising for about 6 weeks. That was the last time I did something like that.

I enjoy dancing to rap, the censored versions, of course. It doesn’t take a lot of space to dance in place and you have your own little party right in your own home. That works for me and I look forward to my dance sessions several times a week.

Here’s a short, little video from the very charismatic Crystal at Puzzle Fit. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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